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Blindness and Low Vision

Protects you from unattended cooking fires!

The Fire Denyer® System with special features has been installed in over 1000 Housing New Zealand Corporation, local body and private housing units in towns and cities throughout New Zealand; providing that extra level of protection for persons with special requirements.

A typical installation for a person with vision problems, the smoke detector alarms includes:

  • The Fire Denyer® Controller

  • A Contactor at the switch board

  • Hard wired smoke detectors as required

  • Flashing Alerters as requested: flashing Red when activated by the smoke detector

  • Waking Vibrator installed as requested

  • A door ‘bell’ that activates the Flashing Alerters (flashing Blue or Green) but does not sound

We are happy to discuss special requirements for customers and produce a system that meets your needs.

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